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Welcome to the SIGNATURE section, an exclusive series of innovative paths and unconventional experiences, with the ambitious goal of bringing real, concrete innovation: in themes, in methodologies and above all in people.

What you find below can provoke, in reading it, a slight DISCHARGE OF ADRENALINE, which attracts or, on the contrary, rejects. Whether it is one sensation or the other, LISTEN TO IT: take a look at the projects and choose the one that makes you vibrate the most. Sometimes gut decisions are the ones to take.

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A disruptive approach to change and innovation. Evolution is a journey where the focus is on PEOPLE, on their POTENTIAL and on their GROWTH, in terms of skills and motivation.

A path in which the participants enter, step by step, a simple and extremely effective gamification system, which will lead them to an inner evolution, to a CULTURAL CHANGE made up of different, focused thoughts and behaviors, which together will contribute to evolution of your company.


When actions are linked by a common thread, a “Why” that explains the reason for the choices made, then RESPONSIBILITY and PROACTIVITY are created.

FOCUS is a very special path, a phased process that starts from the Vision and reaches the Goals, involving the participants themselves in the creation, to ensure that everyone is aware of their impact on the result.

Because creating an environment in which those who work feel they are part of something bigger means MULTIPLYING THE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE on the market.

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QBIC is not a course, IT'S A PROCESS that is part of our training courses: by studying the effectiveness of each of the learning tools, we have understood that (coincidentally) they work better together.

We then reinterpreted Edgar Dale's learning cone and worked on each of its levels, creating INVOLVEMENT, ACTIVATION and SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY in the participants.

The result is learning raised to power, in effectiveness and over time. Seeing is believing.

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A communication course? Wrong. DEBATE is a learning path that works on CRITICAL and STRUCTURED THINKING, presentation skills and conflict resolution.

A challenging experience in the form of a tournament, in which participants DISCUSS IDEAS AND BELIEFS, learn to choose their emotional state, work on mental flexibility to put themselves in others' shoes and think outside the box, so as to present their own ideas in an engaging and convincing way.

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Our flagship, our way of doing CSR. For years we have been bringing experiential training to the university world, to provide students with knowledge and awareness that are useful not only for their working future, but for their own life.

We did it seriously. And you know what? We don't charge a cent. In the universities of Turin, Milan, Rome, Padua and Venice they have already experienced what it means. Do you want to join us and interact with universities and students? We have a special offer for you.

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