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Unreal Keynote 1

An hour and a half of pure energy, in which we will touch on the causes of change, its effects, obstacles, consequences, everyone's responsibilities, resources, opportunities, and yes, luck too.

All mixed with art to create a dynamic and interactive cocktail: not a one-way monologue, but a continuous interaction with the audience, through provocations, videos, challenges, twists.

The goal is to convey a single important message: whether change is a risk or an opportunity depends on our mindset, and above all on our actions.

UNREAL's Energy Keynote works on 4 phases:

Unreal Keynote 2

Focuses attention through curiosity, the unexpected and the wise use of information channels.


Unreal Keynote 3

It puts people at the center of the speech with exercises and games, and uses their contributions to direct the speech.


Unreal Keynote 4

It work on the emotional levers that drive choices, to create a deep anchor between their needs and the content of the keynote.


Unreal Keynote 5


It leads to action, highlighting the role of the audience and making the "next step" natural and fluid.

Unreal Keynote 6


Yes, all this in 88 minutes.

It's a question of rhythm, of how all the elements blend together. This represents, we are convinced, the magic of an effective keynote.

At the end of this event, after an earthquake of mind and belly, people are open, they go out with the WOW tattooed on their heart, they are more willing to get involved just enough to be able to activate their behaviors in a guided way. Now they are ready to roll up their sleeves and ride the change.

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