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Unreal Mentoring 1

When it comes to acting pragmatically, the best thing is to tackle the issues INDIVIDUALLY , so that everyone can implement strategies aligned to their specific needs.

UNREAL MENTORING is an unparalleled support process, which works individually on the specific cases of individuals, exactly as it would happen with a one-to-one mentoring, but it does so in a group context.

This exclusive methodology, in addition to reducing the cost of mentoring by 50%, allows a CLEARLY SUPERIOR LEARNING process, given by the contamination of the different cases dealt with and their resolutions.

The reason is simple: when a person works on their own case, they are totally FOCUSED ON THE CONTENT to be addressed; and it is a good thing, because in this way it applies to its own context, with the support and guidance of the mentor, the tools learned to obtain a concrete result. So when I work on myself, I work on the content.

When instead I listen to the mentor working on another participant, then everything changes: THE FOCUS PASSES ON THE PROCESS , on the methodologies, on the steps that take place to bring a person from the problem to the solution.

Unreal Mentoring 2

Listening participants THEN LEARN A METHOD , because they observe the interaction between mentor and mentee from the outside. Everything is further strengthened at the end of each individual session, when the mentor brings all the participants present into "meta position", shows them what he just did, the reasons why he did it, and the results related to those actions.

By experiencing this process of observation and reflection several times during the 4 hours, and experiencing its application firsthand through direct stimuli from the mentor, people become aware of an extremely effective method that they can replicate on themselves, in complete autonomy, without further need for a mentor to support. They got the mentoring (the content) and learned how to replicate it (the process). A VICTORY ON ALL FRONTS .

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