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We believe in a  SUBSTANCE .

A training course must bring real benefits. This is why we have handled the most important theories and made them practical, so we work in the classroom on beliefs so that it is the participant who transforms them into actions. The winning cocktail? Design more method more passion. Ask us about QBIC , the methodology that raises the effectiveness of our courses to the power.

Lamborghini takes care of the design of its cars down to the smallest detail. This is the element that leads it to achieve uncompromising performance.

We want to introduce you to a world where training is more advanced, where participants learn more spontaneously, become responsible for their own learning, become promoters of their own growth and of the company. In all senses.
Find out with us .

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Content alone is not enough: to be effective, a course must be beautiful, it must give emotions, it must transport the participants into a world created especially for them. Each of our training courses is a journey, which touches the emotional levers and lowers the defenses, allowing a deeper and more lasting learning. This is why we call it EMOTIONAL TRAINING .

Alessi uses only high quality materials, but it is its creative spirit that gives emotions and makes each of its products unique and memorable.

We believe in a  SHAPE .

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We believe in '  INNOVATION .

Tired of the usual courses? For you from our laboratory: EVOLUTION , a Darwinian workshop in which participants create innovation for the company. THE JOURNEY , the most beautiful journey of personal awareness. DEBATE , a course that becomes a tournament, based on the most advanced persuasion techniques. GAMIFY , the revolution of business dynamics through the most powerful tool: the game.

Diesel is a reference in denim clothing because it had the courage to innovate instead of copying. Today it is copied by many of its competitors.

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S.   C.   AND   L   T.   TO



The most effective and powerful training courses you can imagine. Try a dynamic, emotionally engaging classroom, with tools that are immediately applicable, and where each phase has been designed to generate awareness and action.


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It is useless to look around you: what you will find here you will not be able to find anywhere else. Signature paths are UNREAL experiences created starting from a blank sheet. Challengers, perhaps not for everyone; but if you are ready for the "real change", then you are in the right place.


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A selection of online and offline teambuilding formats designed to shake the minds of your people, be they twenty, two hundred or two thousand. From one to four hours to give your kick-off meetings and conferences a profound meaning.


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As a development path or as a consolidation of a training path, UNREAL mentoring is based on the Solution Focus methodology, together with a monitoring system that guarantees guidance and motivation.


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We have overturned the concept of keynote and created a totally interactive event, where the audience is involved in an hour of pure energy and the message you have chosen arrives powerful and direct in people's stomachs.


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As a development path or as a consolidation of a training path, UNREAL mentoring is based on the Solution Focus methodology, together with a monitoring system that guarantees guidance and motivation.

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A UNREAL path vibrates because the people who created it vibrate. The advantage for you? Energy amazes, motivates, lowers the defenses, and above all it is contagious.

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If we are looking for companies ready to get involved, it is because we do it ourselves first. And we believe that innovation, without courage, is a Lamborghini without petrol.

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It is the most serious promise we make to you: in our courses you will have fun; and quite a lot. Because laughter, fun, humor open up to change. And then, do you want to put out with a smile?

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We bring the "wow" to each of our paths, because we like it, because creating beauty in small things makes us feel proud of our work; and because, we are sure, you will like it too.

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